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Patagonia is a region familiar to many a Welsh person through the determinations of Professor Michael D. Jones. A Welsh nationalist who advocated a "little Wales beyond Wales". Today there are estimated to be between 1500 and 5000 Patagonian Welsh speakers in the Chubut Valley.  

This region is now however gaining increasing recognition for another reason, its wine production. Among the most southernmost vineyards in the world the regions wines are characterised by their elegance and aromatic intensity. Characteristics formed by the cool summer nights, and the long slow ripening season.

Prior to 1990 Rio Negro was the only sub-region of Patagonia with a viticultural history - dating back to 1909. However with the boost of interest in the area for quality wine production, and following a surge of investment, other valleys such as Neuquén, La Pampa, and Chubut now have extensive vineyard plantings.

There are currently 39 wineries in Argentine Patagonia, a mere drop in the ocean compared the powerhouse of the countries’ production, Mendoza, who boast in excess of 1200 wine producers. In the conversation of Argentinian Fine Wine however, Patagonia is increasingly making more noise.  

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