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We all know the things that Germans do well – cars, beer and sausages to name a few. Germany is also home to some fantastic wine producers, and is in fact the eighth largest wine producing country in the world. 

Germany’s winemaking history goes all the way back to Roman times. There are 13 regions within the country, and most can be found to the west near the river Rhine. Germany has built its solid wine reputation from producing some of the world’s finest Rieslings, but also produces a variety of wines including Pinot noir and Pinot gris. 

As one of the northernmost wine making countries in the world, Germany has fairly warm summers with a moderate amount of rain each year. These conditions allow a particularly long ripening period which enables the grapes to develop and retain a juicy acidity – a distinctive characteristic of many German wines.

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Tell me more about the wine regions in Germany

Altogether there are 13 different wine regions in Germany, most of which can be found towards the south west where the weather is warmer. Most vineyards are situated along the banks of the river Rhine and its tributaries. Historically the vineyards have produced white wine, although due to a surge in demand red wine has rocketed in popularity over the last few decades. Due to Germany’s northerly climate, many of the wines produced in the regions have a distinctive bright acidity from the longer ripening period. Find out more about some of the regions below: 

  • Mosel: Arguably the most famous of all white wine regions, it takes its name from the Mosel River. Many of its vineyards are steep and situated near the river bank, making them some of the most labour intensive vineyards in Europe. As well as producing Pinot noir and Riesling, this area is well known for its Eiswein (the German for ‘ice wine’), a type of German dessert wine
  • Pfalz: The name of this region comes from the Latin word ‘palatium’, meaning ‘palace’. It is the second largest wine region in Germany and is dominated by Riesling, of which over 6000 hectares of vineyard are dedicated. 
  • Rheingau: Less than half an hour from the city of Frankfurt, it’s one of the smallest regions but still historically important in the country’s winemaking history. It is effectively one long hillside, where Riesling flourishes due to dry, south-facing slopes on which the vineyards are located. 
  • Rheinhessen: Rheinhessen is nestled amongst protective hills and forests and boasts a mild climate. The combination of the climate and diverse soils has meant many types of wine have been able to grow here since the Roman times. 

The perfect pairing

Like wine, every person is individual. We’ve all got different tastes, but we’ve put together a number of suggestions for what to pair with delightful German wines.

  • White: When it comes to whites, there is almost nothing better than a German Riesling wine! Pair your next bottle of Reisling with a cheesy pasta dish, the high acidity of the wine will be a perfect contrast to the heavy dish.
  • Red: Try a German Pinot noir with a pork or beef based meal, and you’ll find the strong body of the wine compliments a rich dish. 

Impress at your next dinner party

The next time you have guests over for dinner, you can impress them with your knowledge as well as the wine you have at table. An interesting fact is that the steepest known vineyard in the world is believed to be in Germany. The vineyard found in Bremm on the Mosel has its vines planted at a hair-raising 68 degrees, which must make for difficult work when it comes to harvest as the angle makes machine harvesting impossible, and so all is done by hand. 

What kind of German wine does Fine Wines Direct UK offer?

Riesling is one of the most popular grapes grown in Germany, and our Dr Loosen Riesling Estate from 2019 is a beautiful example. Refreshing and juicy, the off-dry style of this particular wine is balanced with a delightful mouth-watering acidity. If a fruity German red wine is a little more to your taste, our Villa Wolf Pinot Noir from 2019 has a smooth elegance with a hint of spice married to an earthy complexity making it the perfect companion to tomato-based dishes or slow roasted duck legs. 

Why buy from Fine Wines Direct UK?

You’re in safe hands when you buy from us. Together our team have more than a century’s worth of experience, so you could say we know our way around a wine cellar. 

We want our customers to be able to enjoy wine whatever their tastebuds and budget, which is why we stock one of the most extensive wine selections in the UK. In fact, a huge variety of our wines you can’t find anywhere else in the country. We work hard to build close working relationships with vineyard owners and wine producers, sourcing only the highest quality products. You’re in safe hands with us, there’s no better place to buy German wine online

If you’d prefer to speak to someone face to face, we would love to see you in our shop in Cardiff where you can discuss what wine would suit you best with one of our friendly experts. 

On top of our German selection, we also offer a fantastic array of Portuguese and Chilean wines. We know how difficult it can be to choose when faced with such a diverse collection, which is why we also offer mixed cases. Our experts can curate the perfect range to suit your tastes, and you’ll discover new and exciting wines in the process.

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