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Perhaps the most famous type of wine from Portugal is the eponymous Port, but the country is home to many world famous producers and delicious types of wines. 

Portugal has been producing wine for thousands of years, and has a large amount of native grapes. More than 250 in fact, but a majority are only sold locally and so may remain a mystery to the casual wine drinker unless of course you get some flights booked! As Portugal has such a diverse climate and terrain, it has allowed many types of grape to grow well and the love for Portgeuse wine is growing across the world.

For a long time the country did not export many of its wines, until around the 12th century when it started trade relations with England. This was the beginning of a beautiful partnership between Portugal and the UK, as Brits discovered their love for port and, later down the line, many other types of wine. 

Portugal takes its winemaking very seriously and has something called the DOC for wine. This stands for ‘denominação de origem controlada’ and is a set of regulations for making sure that all wine made in the country is made to certain standards. This includes criteria such as what grape varieties are used, alcohol content, how and when a wine is aged and the maximum crop yields.

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Tell me more about Portugal’s wine regions

As we mentioned earlier, the country is very diverse and the wine regions are vast. We’ll touch on just a few of them here, to give you an idea of what Portugal and its wine has to offer.


This is the spiritual and literal home of port, and has lots of sunshine each year with a small amount of rainfall. Did you know that to be certified as Portuguese Port wine, it has to be produced in the country itself? Find out more about the origins of port and the selection we have available here


A stunning holiday destination, Algarve has an idyllic mediterranean climate and is not only home to vineyards but also acres and acres of citrus fruit trees. Not much wine is exported out of Algarve, but that doesn’t mean it should be struck off your list. The region is well known for delicious aromatic red wines made from grapes including Syrah, Negra Mole and Trincadeira.


You can find this region just a stone’s throw away from Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon. As the region stretches leisurely along the coast, its vineyards benefit from fresh, cool ocean breezes. A high limestone content in the soil allows for delightful, juicy wines, most of which are drunk by those visiting the country’s capital. 


Likely another one you’ve heard of, Madeira is almost as famous in the country as Port. In theory wine shouldn’t grow well here, it has a very hot climate and high levels of rainfall. Wine produced here is known just as ‘Madeira’ and is usually made from a mixture of white grapes including native varieties Sercial and Malvasia.

The perfect pairing

If we were to mention every single Portuguese wine variety and what it pairs well with, we’d be here until next Christmas! We’ve picked a few choice wines to give you an idea of what would go well with your next bottle.

  • White: An aromatic Portuguese white wine will compliment spicy Asian dishes, pick out flavours such as lemongrass or ginger.
  • Red: A traditional Portuguese dish is salt cod, which locals will often drink with red wine. Don’t knock it until you try it – some reds can work wonderfully with fish.
  • Rose: Rose is the perfect summer party food accompaniment, try your next bottle of Portuguese rose wine with some grilled white meats on the barbecue. 

Impress at your next dinner party

We all love a good fact, don’t we? Make your patter as good as your wine selection at your next dinner party with interesting facts from our experts. 

You may have heard the term ‘vinho verde’ flying around in recent years, this type of wine has become increasingly popular and fashionable. The literal translation is ‘green wine’ and many people think this refers to wine being made from green ‘young’ grapes. In actuality, it is a wine region in Portugal and has nothing to do with the grapes themselves. 

What kind of Portuguese wine does Fine Wines Direct UK offer?

We’ve worked hard to have a huge selection of all kinds of wines, and our Portugeuse wine collection is no exception. If you like full bodied reds, our Adega Camolas “Camolas Grande Escolha” Castelao Palmela DO 2017 has an intense nose of black fruits, leather and liquorice twinned with a refreshing acidity that perfectly compliments these intense flavours. Sample a classic crisp and aromatic white and try 

Adega Camolas Clo Branco Península of Setúbal 2019, with tropical fruit notes and floral aromas, this wine pairs well with light salads and white meats. 

Why buy Portuguese wine from Fine Wines Direct UK?

There’s simply no better place to buy wine than from the experts at Fine Wines Direct UK. Together our team has over 100 years of experience in the wine industry, so you could say we know our way around a wine cellar.

We want everyone to be able to access delicious, high quality wine no matter their taste buds, budget or dietary requirements. We’ve worked incredibly hard over the years to build a collection of delicious wines from around the world, some of which you can’t buy anywhere else in the UK. We work together with vineyard owners and producers, building close relationships to source only the best quality wines. You’re in safe hands with us, there’s no better place to buy Portuguese wine online in the UK

If you’d prefer some face to face wine expertise, we would be very happy to see you in our shop in Cardiff where one of our friendly experts will be able to discuss at length what wine would suit you best depending on your tastes. 

On top of our outstanding German wine selection, we also offer a fantastic array of Chilean and German wines. We know how difficult it can be to choose when faced with such a diverse collection, which is why we also offer mixed cases. Our experts can curate the perfect range to suit your tastes, and you’ll discover new and exciting wines in the process.

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