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There’s nothing quite like settling into a comfortable armchair with a nice glass of whiskey. Or whisky, for that matter: the spelling is different depending on where your drink was produced.

Whiskey has a long and adventurous history. It is always aged in wooden barrels, often made from oak. The earliest account of whiskey in history books was in Scottish records in 1494. Scotland is still the biggest producer of whisky in the world, in fact on average 42 bottles of Scotch are exported every second. Other countries such as Ireland, the USA and Japan all have long histories with the golden-coloured drink.

Whiskey has long since shed its image of dusty, barely touched bottles and has become a popular drink of choice for people of all generations. Any restaurant or bar worth its salt will offer a selection of whiskies to choose from, and in fact we supply whiskey to many high end hospitality venues across the country.

At Fine Wines Direct UK we are proud to offer a variety of whiskies from award-winning distilleries across the UK. We offer a speedy delivery service making us a great choice for buying whiskey online, or alternatively you can pop into our shop in Cardiff if you are local.

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What kind of whiskey does Fine Wines Direct UK offer?

Whiskey drinkers aren’t all the same, just like with wine everyone has a particular choice or taste. We are proud to offer a selection of Welsh and Irish whiskeys from award-winning distilleries, so there is something for everyone.


Jack Ryan

Irish whiskey has a distinct flavour profile. The Ryan family have been in the business for more than six generations. They produce stunning Irish single malt whiskey including 12 Year Old Madeira Cask and 11 Year Old Rum Cask whiskeys. Jack Ryan whiskeys are made from 100 percent malted barley, this whiskey is produced by a single distillery in a pot still.



The original Penderyn distillery can be found in the foothills of the rugged Brecon Beacons in the heart of South Wales. Their award-winning single malt Welsh whiskies are characterised by hand-selected bourbon barrels and the local Welsh water.  Penderyn’s technology has been developed to allow the incredible flavour from just the one still, as opposed to Scottish or Irish distilleries which traditionally use two or three.



What are the differences between types of whiskey?

There are many rules and regulations when it comes to the classification of different varieties of whiskey. Some of the most common types are:


Scotch whisky

As Irish whiskey has to be made in Ireland, Scotch must be made in Scotland. It must also be made from malted barley and be aged for three years or more. They are usually light in body and have a distinctive, smoky malt flavour.  There are five main regions in the country where Scotch is produced:

  • Speyside
  • Islay
  • Campbeltown
  • Lowlands
  • Highlands and Islands – sometimes Islands are considered a region in their own right.


Irish whiskey

Irish whiskey must be made in Ireland, and that can include the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Traditionally it is distilled in a copper pot in comparison with the double distillation method that is favoured for Scotch. They taste somewhat similar to Scotch but without the smokey quality.


Delivery options

We have all got busy lives, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your next great bottle of whiskey.

  • Speedy delivery: Got a party coming up soon? Or a last minute present for a colleague? No need to worry as our delivery is next day from dispatch for England, Wales and many parts of Scotland (find out more here). We aim to process your online order and deliver your whiskey between two to three working days.
  • Click and collect: For those living or working in South Wales, you’ll be glad to know we also offer a click and collect service from our store in Cardiff on Penarth Road so you can pick your whiskey order up. Here you can also take advantage of our team’s expertise to find out what else we have to offer.
  • Free delivery over £150: Stocking up for a special occasion? Looking to expand your collection? Save yourself the delivery fees when you spend over £150. There’s no easier way to get whiskey delivered directly to your door.



Why buy from Fine Wines Direct UK?

We pride ourselves on sourcing the best quality wines and spirits, so that all our customers can enjoy them no matter their taste or budget. Our expert team have spent years cultivating long standing relationships with distillery owners in order to continue offering their fantastic products to our customers. There’s no better place to buy excellent single malt whiskey online, and have it delivered to your door. If you like the sound of our whiskey selection, you may also be interested in our collection of gin, rum and vodka.

We supply these incredible whiskeys to leading hospitality venues up and down the country including high end restaurants, bars and gastro pubs. You can also have them delivered to your door in record time, for you to enjoy at your convenience in the comfort of your own home. Our vast selection of wines and spirits make great gifts for friends, family and colleagues. If you would like any additional help choosing your next bottle, speak to one of our friendly staff over the phone or if you’re local, pop into our shop in Cardiff.

We are proud to offer many other services including wine tasting events and supplying for wedding receptions and corporate events. Our expert team have more than 100 combined years in the drinks industry, so you’re in safe hands when you choose to buy from Fine Wines Direct UK.

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