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You may have drunk vegan wine before without even realising! People reduce their consumption of animal products for a number of reasons and as a result, this kind of wine has rocketed in popularity and can be found across many supermarkets and wine shop shelves. 

It would be logical for us to assume that wine is just made from grapes, right? In fact, different methods are used in the winemaking process with other, animal-derived products. For example, the processes of fining (filtering) wine have traditionally used such things as milk or egg-based ingredients and sometimes the corks are sealed with beeswax. Fining helps reduce cloudiness and get rid of any sediment floating in the wine, and has long been a big part of wine making world.

For a wine to be truly vegan then the processes can’t use any animal-derived ingredients. Over the last few decades we have become more earth-conscious as consumers, wanting to lower our impact on the environment and buy sustainable goods, and as a result winemakers have adopted new methods to create delicious wine.

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How is it made?

Using animal-derived products is not the only way to produce wine. Producers have a number of choices, depending on what’s available to them. One of the ways is to simply not filter the wine, letting it rest and separate naturally. These wines usually have a more cloudy appearance, are often called natural wines, and are usually vegan friendly.

Other options include using a fining agent which isn’t a byproduct of any animals, and there is an increasing number to choose from. 

  • Activated carbon (charcoal): Charcoal is used to help reduce any bad odours or remove unwanted colours from the final product.
  • Bentonite: Bentonite is a type of clay mineral which is usually added to white wine before the fermentation process starts.
  • Pea or potato protein: Using these vegetable proteins is becoming an increasingly popular method of fining. 

How do I know if a wine is vegan?

As it’s all down to the winemaking process and not the grapes themselves, any wine has the potential, it just depends on the choices of the producers. You can even get vegan prosecco, so don’t put away your flutes just yet!

  • Read the label: The first way to check if a wine has any animal derived products is to check the label. However, winemakers do not always have to put on the label if they’ve used animal-derived ingredients in the fining process so you may need to double check – at Fine Wines Direct UK we will always clearly categorise our wines. Many wines that are certified will have a symbol or trademark to show it, so look out for those. 
  • Ask your local wine expert: All of our wines are labelled and categorised, so you will always know exactly what you’re drinking. When it comes to dining out, any server worth their salt will know in depth about the wines they are serving you, so they can recommend what wines to choose once you tell them your needs. 
  • Get technical: There are so many resources out there for people with dietary requirements, including apps and databases. Many compile the most popular brands, so you know what to look out for the next time you fancy a tipple.

Can you age this kind of wine?

Most can be aged just as well as other types, the only thing to look out for is if your wine is also preservative free as those typically don’t age as well. The exception is reds which can often be aged for a couple of years, this is because tannins in red grape skins contain natural preservatives.

Does it taste different to other wine? 

Fining agents generally have no impact on the taste of a wine so whether your wine was fined using animal or earth based ingredients, or not fined at all, they’ll still taste just as great. In fact, you’ve probably already drunk lots of it before without even realising as some wines use vegan fining methods but don’t say it on the bottle.

What kind of wine does Fine Wines Direct UK offer?

We are proud of the huge collection of vegan-friendly wines we offer. We have curated a selection that includes wines from award-winning regions such as Bordeaux, Catalonia and Marlborough and established producers such as Marques De Caceres. If you’re looking for a beautiful white wine, look no further than our 2018 Villa Wolf Pinot Blanc, with a fresh aroma of apples and apricots and fermented in oak casks which gives it a stunning complexity and richness. Fans of red wine would do well to sample our Allan Scott pinot noir from Marlborough, boasting aromas of spice and dark chocolate. These beautiful, diverse wines are just a selection of our elegant collection.

Why buy from Fine Wines Direct UK?

It’s safe to say that we know our way around a wine cellar: we have over 100 years combined experience working in the wine trade. We want everyone to be able to enjoy wine no matter their taste or budget.  Many of the wines we stock are exclusive to us in the UK – you won’t find them anywhere else. 

We work closely with vineyard owners and always look to source only the most high quality products, truly there’s no better place to buy vegan wine online. If you prefer a personal touch we would love to see you in our shop in Cardiff where you can discuss your needs with one of our experts who will advise you on the perfect wine to match your tastes. In addition to our this selection, we also offer an outstanding array of vegetarian and biodynamic wine. It can be difficult to pick a selection when there’s so much choice, which is why we offer mixed cases where our experts curate the perfect range to suit your tastes.

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