Cellar Wine Club

How Our Wine Club Works

Choose your colour

Choose your preferred Wine from Red, White or Mixed

Our Wine Club delivers to you a changing and evolving assortment of red, white, or mixed cases, curated by our in-house wine experts.

Select price point

Choose from either Silver, Gold or Platinum

Our 12 bottle cases come at three price points to suit your budget. Silver is £100, Gold £150 and Platinum £200. All of which promise a case saving of at least 15%.

Plan your frequency

Choose how regularly you want your wines delivered

Most clubs only give you the option of having a monthly delivery, but here at Fine Wines Direct UK we want to give you increased flexibility by choosing between Monthly, Bi-Monthly or a Quarterly Delivery

Wait for delivery

Sit Back and wait for your wine to be delivered

Once you have decided which wine, level and delivery frequency you desire just sit back and wait for your wines to be delivered to your door.

*** Special Offer ***

On your first order you will receive:

  • A free Fine Wines Direct UK branded waiters’ friend (RRP £10)
  • A guide to wine enjoyment by WSET Certified Educator Antoinette Milne (RRP £5)
  • A publication from Fine Wines Direct UK’s wine consultant, Christopher Fielding, ‘Full-Bodied: The fading memories of a big man in the wine trade’. (RRP £10)

Choose Your Wine

  • Red

    12 bottle red case


    Choose from Silver, Gold or Platinum

  • White

    12 bottle white case


    Choose from Silver, Gold or Platinum

  • Mixed

    12 bottle mixed case


    Choose from Silver, Gold or Platinum

We've got A's for your Q's.

When will I receive my first case?

Wine Club mixed cases will be dispatched in the first week of the month once the balance is settled on your selected subscription plan.

If you are receiving a monthly case, this will be the first week of the month following your first direct debit. Bi-monthly plans will be the first week of the month following your second direct debit payment, quarterly plans the first week following your third direct debit.

Subscription Direct Debit Number of Billing cycles Dispatch
Monthly 28th of the Month 1 1st week of the month following 1st DD
Bi-Monthly 28th of the Month 2 1st week following the 2nd end of month DD
Quarterly 28th of the Month 3 1st week following the 3rd end of month DD

When will my direct debit be taken from my account?

Direct debits will be taken on the 28th of each month. Direct debits set up close to this date may not be processed until the following cycle.

How much will my direct debit be?

For monthly subscription plans, it will be the full value of the case plus any delivery charge if applicable. For bi-monthly and quarterly subscription plans, these costs will be divisible by 2 or 3, respectively.

England, Wales, Lowland Scotland
Monthly Bi-Monthly Quarterly
Silver (£8.99 Delivery charge) 108.99 54.49 36.33
Gold (Free Delivery) 150 75 50
Platinum (Free Delivery) 200 100 66.66

Currently, we are unable to provide this service to our customers in the Scottish Highlands & Islands.

Can I pause or cancel my subscription?

You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. If you pause your subscription, any debit on your account will be held, awaiting your return to the subscription.

If you choose to cancel your subscription, we will refund any money held in credit.

Can I change my subscription plan?

Subscription plans can be changed at the end of your billing cycle.

Where do you deliver?

We can deliver anywhere within Wales, England and the Scottish Lowlands and Central Belt. Currently, we are unable to provide this service to our customers in the Scottish Highlands & Islands.

Is delivery free?

Delivery is free on our Gold and Platinum subscription to mainland UK. A delivery charge of £8.99 is applied to our Silver plan for mainland UK customers.

Can I return a wine?

If a wine is broken in transit or you believe it to be faulty, please contact us as soon as possible and we will replace this wine.

If a wine is not to your taste, please let us know, and we will make a note of this on your account and do our best to accommodate this in the future.

[email protected]

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