Blog: Ancre Hill Estates, Monmouth.


Richard and Joy Morris’s venture into winemaking began in April 2006 with their first plantation of vines.

Situation on the outskirts of Monmouth in Wales, the estate currently comprises of two vineyard sites, The Folly View and Newton Court Farm. Both sites benefit from south facing, well-draining limestone soils and long hours of sunshine – and relatively low rainfall!

The vineyards are certified Organic and follow Biodynamic practices.


Biodynamics is a concept proposed by Dr. Rudolf Steiner through a series of lectures in 1924 and recognises a spirit element to nature. Practices include adhering to a planting calendar which observes cosmic solar & lunar rhythms and Earth rhythms.


Since their first vintage in 2008 the Estate has been recognised in some of the top international wine competitions, including Decanter and the International Wine and Spirits Competition. Their portfolio of wines include sparkling cuvees, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay amongst others.


Their approach to winemaking mirrors their work in the vineyard, using wild yeasts and bacteria and avoiding filtration and filtering of the wines, and take inspiration from the ‘natural wine’ movements.

A key development in the development of Ancre Hill Estate was the construction of their own winery, which was completed in 2015. Natural materials were chosen over synthetic ones wherever possible with the walls constructed from straw bales and a living, green roof, providing temperature and humidity regulation.


Richard will be hosting a wine evening on the 14th June at our premises on Penarth Road, tickets are available online.

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