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You’d be forgiven for thinking Marques de Caceres has been around since, well forever. This however is not the case and is very much a relative newcomer to the Rioja wine region.

Marques de Caceres was founded in 1970 by Henrique Forner, who had recently returned from living in Bordeaux, where his family had moved during the Spanish Civil War.

Forner believed Rioja was too oaky and introduced measures to modernise its style. He was the first to use stainless steel fermentation and reduced the time his wines spent in barrel, he also used more new oak. These measures whilst radical at the time, have become much more prevalent across the region.

The winery took its name from the Marques de Caceres, Don Vicente Noguera y Espinosa de los Monteras, with the agreement of an annual payment to charity.

The wines modern evolution of the Rioja style in conjunction with the brands excellent marketing has led to it being an international success, representing a tenth of the regions exports.

Export Manager Antonio Alvarez Chacon will be hosting a tasting of their wines on Tuesday 24th April 6:30 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. Tickets are available online.    

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