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At Fine Wines Direct UK we pride ourselves on importing only the most exciting and specialist wines from across the globe. If you’re looking for delicious wines for a reasonable price, look no further than Adegas Camolas: a family-run business located near the Arrábida Natural Park with deep connections to winemaking since the 1970s.  The brand “Camolas” finds its origin using the founder’s family name, one of the most emblematic in the Setubal region.

Adegas Camolas work in partnership with independent partner winegrowers to produce beautiful wines. The company has been rewarded for its continual growth and consistently brilliant wines, and has been given a number of prestigious awards.

Fine Wines Direct UK are on a continual quest to bring you, the drinker, the most high quality wines for the best prices.


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The grapes

The DOC of Palmela where the Adega Camolas vineyards lie, is immediately across the Tejo estuary from Lisbon. Here there is a warm, maritime climate and deep soils with poor fertility: a combination that makes the area ideal for grapes including Muscatel and Castelao varieties among others.

Moscatal is what the Muscat grape is referred to in Spain and Portugal, and is the world’s oldest known family of grapes. Muscatel is a highly aromatic grape and works fantastically well in dry whites to golden yellow, sweet wines. These delightful aromas are due to the large amount of monoterpenes (aroma compounds) in the berry, with descriptors ranging from floral, to musky and perfumed.

Castelao is a red wine grape that is grown across Portugal but predominantly in southern, coastal regions where it flourishes. It is extremely popular in the country as it is hardy and survives in dry, arid conditions. Castelao grapes produce wine with typical aromas of gooseberry, dried plum and berries.

Fernao Pires
Fernao Pires is a light skinned grape found in Portugal. It is a versatile grape that is predominantly used in dry white wines, although can also be used as a base for sparkling and sweet dessert wines. Common tasting notes include lemon zest, lime or orange and occasionally hints of spice.

Aragonez is another name for the Tempranillo grape variety. In general this grape produces wine that is full bodied with plenty of tannins and acidity. Drinkers will commonly enjoy tasting notes like cherries, strawberries, other red fruits.


The Wines

Fine Wines Direct UK offers four of their wines at very affordable prices. If you are not sure which of these beautiful wines would suit your palate, you can get in touch with us and one of our friendly experts would be happy to advise you.


Clo Branco Península of Setúbal Portugal 2020
The Clo Branco, a fruity and floral blend of Fernao Pires and Moscatel Graudo is the ideal summer bottle of white. Hints of peach and Turkish Delight with the subtle hit of sharp citrus, it has a crisp, clean finish that makes it refreshing and pleasant on the palate.

This wine is best served with salads, white meat or even fried seafood. A true summer joy, this wine is great for al fresco dining, providing a refreshing addition to lighter meals with simple, clean flavours.


Adega Camolas Clo Tinto Península of Setúbal Portugal 2020
Using Castelao and Aregones grapes, Adega Camolas have created a ripe, tannic red wine. The natural acidity in tandem with tasting notes of red fruits and rich, ripe, blackberry create a slightly sweet and balanced red wine. The Castelao grapes really come through in this wine, providing  a rich mouthfeel with soft, ripe tannins and balancing acidity.

Clo Tinto pairs brilliantly with hearty pasta dishes, cleansing the palate and adding to the indulgence of the overall dining experience. A rich wine with a rich dish of food makes for a thoroughly intense and enjoyable meal, it also works fantastically with charcuterie meats.


Adega Camolas Castro de Chibanes Reserva Palmela DO Portugal 2018
A delicious blend of Castelão, Trincadeira and Alicante Bouschet makes for a balanced canvas wine. Hits of coffee bean and mocha undertones make an incredibly indulgent and smooth wine. Elegant, smooth body and well rounded tannins, this wine leaves you with a delicious aftertaste with notes of dark chocolate.

We recommend this wine is best served between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius. This wine is the perfect partner for a plate of hard cheeses or rich meats. For a genuine authentic Portuguese experience, try with octopus “lagareiro” style.


Adega Camolas “Camolas Grande Escolha” Castelao Palmela DO Portugal 2017
This wine is perhaps the most intensely flavoured wine of the range. Notes of leather, cigar box, black fruits, liquorice and black pepper combined with the Castelao’s natural bitterness make this a strong-flavoured yet balanced wine.

For an intense experience, enjoy this wine with bitter dark chocolate or a hot stew. It is also the perfect wine for some after dinner mature hard cheeses such as Pecorino or a mature cheddar.


Every bottle of Adega Camolas wine showcases an expertise for maximising the qualities of the specialty grapes grown in the area of Palmelas. Whether you’re looking for a bright, summery wine to enjoy in balmy weather or a deep red to accompany a delicious meat dish, there will be something for you.


Why buy from Fine Wines Direct UK?

Fine Wines Direct supplies this selection of wonderful wines, as well as wines from vineyards across the world. Bringing customers closer to the very best in winemaking, we supply both expensive fine wines and more affordable, but high quality, wines. Adega Camolas are the perfect blend of quality and price, making their range a popular choice among those seeking specialty Portuguese wine.

Why buy from anyone else when the team at Fine Wines Direct UK have over 100 combined years of experience in the wine industry. We want our customers to be able to enjoy beautiful quality wines whatever their budget or palate, so we work hard to cultivate an enviable selection from countries across the world.

Many wines we stock you cannot find anywhere else in the UK. We work collaboratively with vineyard owners and wine producers to bring you, the loyal customer, only the best quality products.

If you’d prefer to buy your wine in person rather than online, we would be more than happy to see you in our shop in Cardiff, South Wales. You can have a chat with a member of our friendly expert team who can discuss your needs and advise on what wine would suit you best.


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