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The four bodegas that comprise Alejandro Fernandez’s wine legacy and constitute Familia Rivera Fernandez, share a passion for winemaking perfected over time. Alejandro was renowned as the “King of Tempranillo” and is amongst one of the finest winemakers in the world, his estates now entrusted to his daughters.

Way before Ribera del Duero became one of Spain’s powerhouse wine regions, wine-maker Alejandro Fernandez saw huge potential in the area, so in 1972 he founded Tinto Pesquera. Now with four wineries, two in Ribera del Duero, one in Castilla y Leon and another in La Mancha, the meticulous approach to wine-making is the same across the range, with yields kept to a minimum, meaning only the finest grapes are used – the result of which is amazing consistency and quality.

Putting the region of Ribera del Duero on the winemaking map, the Tinto Pesquera winery is the central hub of all things Pesquera wine. A 16th century stone built winery, this place houses some of the finest red wine production and set the course for the expansion of the business into further locations.

Masters of the Tempranillo grape, the winery produces astonishing reds through their low yield approach, which ensures only the very best grapes are selected for harvest. Consistency of quality is the backbone of the business and key to their success.


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The wineries

The Tinto Pesquera winery is just one of four wineries run by Groupo Pesquera. Each winery serves to produce specific types of grape, each with qualities suited to expertly crafting a variety of well-balanced wines.

  • Tinto Pesquera. The original 16th Century winery houses Tempranillo grapes and is the golden egg of the business. The Pesquera wine from this location has global acclaim and it is difficult to find better Tempranillo grapes anywhere in the world.
  • Condado de Haza. Boasting 200 hectares of vineyard land, this location expands on the traditions of the Tinto Pesquera, with further development of the Tempranillo grape wines. In order to perfect its wines, the winery’s structure was designed by digging a hill. It also has a bottle cellar in a tunnel almost 30 metres deep.
  • Dehesa la Granja. A finely tuned range of Tempranillo grapes were planted in this new vineyard location with a 300-square metre cave dug underground in 1750, now housing the wines. A hub of agriculture and farming of livestock, the group also sells a range of other produce such as cheeses and oils.
  • El Vinculo. Located in the region of Campo de Criptana, this winery is the base from which Castile-La Mancha wines are made, after the family found vines perfect for the natural conditions of this land. Unlike the other locations, this place does not just grow Tempranillo, but also varieties of Airen, which is used to make the prestigious white wines of Familia Fernandez Rivera.

Each location has its own methods and the wines produced by each have their own qualities. However, what doesn’t change is the expert cultivation of Tempranillo grapes. A true signature of the business, these grapes are a constant at each location, and the dedication given to specialising in the fruit is evident in the quality of the wine in each bottle they export.


The wines

The business specialises in Tempranillo grapes; the wines made from the grape have their own unique characteristics and flavours.

Wines at the Tinto Pesquera winery such as the Tinto Pesquera Reserva have notes of sweet black fruit and the sugary spice of vanilla. Combining hits of roasted coffee beans and floral extract, this wine comes together as an intense yet well balanced bottle.

The 2014 Crianza has a combination of soft aromas of black fruits, sweet liquorice spice and hints of coca.

Dehesa La Granja, a wine of the newest project in Castilla y Leon, shows a development in depth. Boasting ripe red colour with ruby shine, it has a bold, black fruit fragrance and flavour with the combination of cedar and the spice of pepper, to bring together a wine that hits the notes of multiple flavour profiles.

El Vinculo wines of the Castile-la Mancha range are perhaps the sharpest of the wines made by Grupo Pesquera. Heavy on tannins which give a fresh hit of acidity, this wine has a light yet persistent hint of oak, spicy notes and roasted aromas.


Pairing the wine

The wines produced by Grupo Pesquera are fantastic stand-alone products with qualities that can be enjoyed by themselves, such is the depth and complexity. However, all good wines should provide a fitting accompaniment to an overall dining experience.

The nature of the Tempranillo grape used by the winery is that it makes the perfect wines to pair with rich dishes. Intense in flavour with striking indulgence, these complex and heavy wines are the perfect counterbalance to meaty stews and roasted game. The sweet elements to the wine also make them perfect for enjoying with a sharp or creamy cheese.

When dining, neither the wine nor the food should overpower the other. Therefore, these Tempranillo wines are best served with rich foods that provide an equally intense presence on the palate.

For a wine to pair with lighter dishes of milder flavour, look to the range of Airen grape wines such as the Alejairen La Mancha, a subtle white of flowery notes and apricot sweetness. The refreshing characteristics of this wine makes it the perfect accompaniment for Iberian ham or foie gras.

Whether to be paired with dishes of lighter simplicity or more indulgent meals of powerful flavour, there is a bottle of Grupo Pesquera wine that makes the perfect match.


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