Bodegas Manzanos, a winery with over 130 years of history and success in the industry, are at the forefront of the production of Siglo wine. Siglo produces some of the most iconic and recognisable wines in the Rioja region.

The Fernandez de Manzanos family, who own the business, built their first vineyard in 1890 in Azagra, Spain. Making it their home, multiple vineyards and bodegas have since been added. The latest construction, Bodegas Manzanos Azagra, a fantastically modern build, bringing the business forward with a modern approach.

Siglo has a special relationship with Fine Wines Direct UK, with the current MD Nigel O’Sullivan bringing the wine to the hospitality sector of Wales’ best hotels and restaurants. It is an extremely popular range of wine that Bodegas Manzanos has perfected over the years.


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The Vineyards

Bodegas Manzanos manages a total of 1525 hectares of land.

Their success over the years has meant they are able to invest in the latest techniques and equipment to fully maximise their winemaking abilities.

The structure of the vineyards means that technology can be introduced, such as mechanized harvesters, to systematically select grapes in their ideal stage of maturity. Drip irrigation systems ensure that water levels are at precise measurements, which is key in an area with relatively extreme seasonal weather conditions.

Consistency is key and the vineyards of Bodegas Manzanos are set up to operate in a way that maintains quality and achieves constant results.

The Rioja Alavesa vineyards:

  • The vineyards here employ traditional techniques with some of the operating plantations dating back 170 years. The land is goblet trained, rather than the modern trellis approach, but the long-standing methods here are continually successful with 5400 bottles the annual average production from just the pre-phyloxera vineyard alone.

The Rioja Oriental vineyards:

  • These vineyards are in a dry climate with warmer temperatures. These conditions mean the grape growing process is steady and the vines undergo less stress than vineyards that brace all elements. Subdued climate means a balanced and interrupted ripening process, leading to a high-quality grape.

Some of the grapes grown in these vineyards include the Tempranillo, Garnacha, Graciano and the Mazuelo with white ranges of Chardonnay and Viura.

The Tempranillo:

  • This is the specialty grape of the winery as it is one that thrives in the conditions of the vineyards and can be grown to produce quality wine such as the Tempranillo Siglo Rioja.
  • The conditions mean the grape provides characteristics that make the wines extremely well balanced in colour and acidity, with a smooth and fruity palate that becomes velvety as it ages.
  • Combined with the Graciano grape, Bodegas Manzanos are able to produce wines with full body and sophisticated complexity.

It is the care and attention taken to even the most minor details that make the grapes that produce their fine wines so special.


The Wine

The winery’s Siglo range of Rioja wines, available via Fine Wines Direct UK, are a fantastic representation of the work undertaken to produce the best grapes for the best wines.

Siglo Tinto:

  • This wine is made from the exquisite blend of Tempranillo and Graciano grapes. A Rioja that is both intense and easy to drink, it comes with an intense cherry colour and fragrant aroma of black fruit and liquorice. With no oak ageing, this is a fresh wine with a long smooth finish. This wine works exceptionally well with roast pork, chorizo or cheese.

Siglo Saco, Rioja:

  • Purity at its finest, this red wine is 100% Tempranillo and is aged in oak for 12 months. It has an aroma of medium-high intensity and is fresh, round and elegant with very ripe tannins in the mouth. The wine has a lingering aftertaste reminiscent of red and black fruit. Pair this wine with a roast chicken, lasagne or even tomato based mediterranean dishes.

Siglo Crianza:

  • This wine is a blend of three grapes: Tempranillo, Garnacha and Graciano. Strong aromas of prune, stewed fruits and cinnamon against the smoky backdrop of oak aging make for a refreshing mouthfeel that is very easy to drink. Try this Crianza with your next Sunday roast beef or lamb.

Siglo Reserva:

  • Combining both Tempranillo and Grenache, this wine is a cornucopia of red fruits, prune, vanilla and a hint of liquorice and black pepper. Complex and with balanced acidity given by a touch of elegant tannins, this is an excellent  wine with lasting pleasant aftertaste. This wine is a great companion to stews, strong cheeses or dark chocolate.

Siglo Gran Reserva:

  • A wine with incredible intense flavours enhanced through its aged maturity, this wine blends Tempranillo, Grenache and Graciano to create a wine with the aromatic hit of roasted coffee and cocoa. Soft, round tannins and a complex aftertaste, this wine is aged for 36 months in barrels and four to six years in bottles. This wine works well with dark chocolate, mature cheeses and stews.


Why buy from Fine Wines Direct UK?

Fine Wines Direct UK source only the best wines from around the world. Working with Bodegas Manzonas, this special range of Siglo wine is made available to customers who wish to experience fine Rioja wine, at affordable prices. We are the one stop shop for all your wine needs.

We work hard to cultivate excellent relationships with wine producers and vineyard owners, so that we can provide our customers with outstanding wines again and again. If you would prefer to buy your wine in person rather than online, one of our friendly experts would be delighted to help you in person in our shop in Cardiff. You can chat with them about your preferences and they can use their expert knowledge to help find you delicious wines that suit your palate and your budget.


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