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If you are self-catering or wish to supply your own drinks to your chosen wedding venue the following guide may help in your preparations. If your venue already has a wine offering it is worth enquiring in advance about their corkage policy.

Arrival Drinks

Most opt for a sparkling wine for their arrival drink. In a standard 750ml bottle of wine you get 6 125ml flutes.

It is not uncommon to work to 2 glasses per head; As this is double what is customary for a the toast you may wish to opt for a cheaper alternative to Champagne such as Prosecco, Cava or a sparkling wine from a new world country such as New Zealand – all of which offer great value for money.

For a wedding of 60 persons this would require 20 bottles.

The Meal

Half a bottle a head is the rule of thumb. For 60 guests this would require 30 bottles. You may wish to add a margin of 10% or 1 case. If you are using the same wine for the evening reception there is less risk of surplus stock left after the event. A common split is 60% red and 40% white.

You may initially think this does not sound enough, but if you take into consideration children and guests who may not drink at all or very moderately it tends to balance out.

You may also want to consider seating arrangements if you wish to put wine on the table, and the number of bottles this may initially require.

Many opt for what we refer to as crowd-pleasing wines when choosing their wine selection. For example Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc are common choices for white wine as they are familiar and proven favourites. Not everyone likes sweeter wines or oaked white wines for example, and this might be a consideration for you. For the reds varieties like Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon or regions like Rioja are popular. Reds with softer ripe tannins tend to work well and which are not too full-bodied or high in alcohol levels.

You may also wish to include some Rosé. Not all Rosés are sweet like Californian White Zinfandel, for example rosé from Provence is dry and is another very popular style.

Food and wine pairing might be a consideration for you, we are happy to provide assistance with this.

The Toast

The toast often comprises of 1 glass per guest. You may wish to consider a more premium choice such as a Champagne but it is not uncommon to use the same wine as the arrival drink. For 60 guests, with six glasses per bottle, you would require 10 bottles.

Evening Reception

This is a little harder to forecast. But a consideration is the number of hours you expect the event to run for in addition to the number of guests. A useful tool is to break down your guests into categories eg. 35% will drink beer, 15% wine, 20% Prosecco, 10% Spirits and 20% Soft Drinks; and then consider what the average person might drink over that duration of time. 6-8 drinks per person over a 4 hour period is a reasonable yardstick.

Soft Drinks, Beers, Spirits

Not only do we sell wine but also soft drinks, cask, keg and bottled beers and spirits.

Glass Hire

We do not offer glass hire, however if you are local to the Cardiff area we can recommend local catering firms that offer glass hire services.


If you are in South Wales, West Wales or in the Bristol and Bath areas we may be able to deliver using our own fleet. For orders outside of this area it is most likely we will deliver the wine using a third party courier. In most cases we will not charge for delivery on large orders, but subject to delivery address, pricing and quantity ordered this might be a necessity.

You can also collect from our shop at 242 Penarth Road Cardiff CF11 8TU.

Sale or Return

We do not offer sale or return but prefer to work closely with you to ensure the right quantities are ordered.

Choosing & Tasting the wine

For advice on wine selection and to be guided through our range please visit us in-store or call us on 02920 787500.

We believe tasting the wine in a relaxed environment with friends and family at home is the best way to try wines. Up to a pre agreed limit we are happy to deduct the cost of any purchased sample bottles from your final invoice.


At the managers discretion we may be able adjust our pricing on large orders, this will be considered on an invoice by invoice arrangement. It is also worth noting many of our wines are not on our website, if you are working to a tight budget please enquire to see how we may be able to help.


For further assistance please call us on 029 2078 7500 or visit us at our Penarth Road shop in Cardiff.

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