WSET Wine & Spirit School

WSET Wine & Spirit School

Welcome to the FWD Wine & Spirit School!

Whether you are starting out or well on your wine and/or spirit journey, we will ensure that you learn as much as you can whilst enjoying the qualifications in person or it can be done online.

Our Certified WSET Wine & Spirit Educator, Antoinette, holds the WSET Wine & Spirit School Diploma and has been in varying sales & marketing roles within the wine trade both in Canada and the UK. She won a Diploma regional award (Bristol) and is also a Certified Sherry Educator.

Wine and spirits are fascinating and important subjects. Using the WSET Wine & Spirit School Systematic Approach to Tasting can be very invigorating and can most definitely enhance our pleasure of enjoying wine, spirits, and food. They can take us on unimagined adventures as we look towards understanding more about why they taste the way they do.

We hope you get in touch and if you would like to enroll on a qualification, please see below. Thank you very much and we look forward to seeing you on a WSET wine and/or spirit qualification soon.

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