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  1. Torres 10 Gran Reserva Imperial Brandy, Penedes, Spain

    Torres 10 Gran Reserva Imperial Brandy, Penedes, Spain


    Dark topaz-coloured, with fine old gold tints. Of strong aroma, it displays an intense bouquet - more spiritual than spirituous - with warm hints of spices (cinnamon, vanilla). On the palate it is round and rich in tannins, developing towards a lush and lingering aftertaste, in which the aromatic overtones of the oak are revealed.
  2. Benjamin Hall Strawberry Gin

    Benjamin Hall Strawberry Gin


    The soft berry flavour is perfectly paired with classic notes of juniper and citrus to produce a finely balanced contemporary distilled gin with a hint of sweet strawberry.
  3. Graham's Tawny 10 year

    Graham's Tawny 10 year Old Port


    On the nose it shows complex nutty aromas combined with hints of honey and figs. On the palate, rich mature fruit flavours beautifullly intermingle with a luscious long finish.

  4. Crawshay Dry Gin 70cl

    Crawshay Dry Gin 70cl


    A prefect reflection of the history that inspires it, Crawshay Gin pairs tradition with a flair for innovation. Our Master Distiller has used a decades old Welsh family recipe to create a classically rich London Dry gin, consisting of 15 botanicals sourced from only the finest suppliers.
    With a luxurious smooth juniper front and a pleasantly floral edge, Crawshay Gin is the perfect base for a memorable Gin & Tonic.
  5. Crawshay Rhubarb & Vanilla Gin 70cl

    Crawshay Rhubarb & Vanilla Gin 70cl


    Welsh gin is infused with ripe Rhubarb and Madagascan vanilla giving a sharp hit with a sweet finish.
  6. Crawshay Strawberry Gin 70cl

    Crawshay Strawberry Gin 70cl


    South Wales is renowned for having the longest strawberry growing season of anywhere in the Europe. It is no accident then the first flavour variant we’re launching within the Crawshay range is a truly authentic Strawberry Gin.
    Made with real strawberries, Crawshay Strawberry Gin balances sweet soft fruit flavour, with classic juniper and citrus notes. Perfect drunk either alone over ice, or used as the base for memorable summer cocktails.
  7. Crawshay Welsh Forged Vodka 70cl

    Crawshay Welsh Forged Vodka 70cl



    Befitting the quality standards that made Cyfarthfa Ironworks a world leader in it’s field, Crawshay Vodka is 5x distilled over Welsh
    charcoal to give it a unbeatably smooth texture.

    Our vodka is soft and mellow when drunk over ice, but contains more than enough character to withstand even the boldest of mixers.

  8. Crawshay Orange Zest 70cl Gin

    Crawshay Orange Zest 70cl Gin


    'The delicate red gold liquid in the glass shows an enticing bouquet of subtle chocolate orange. Across the tastebuds this elegant flavoured gin shows restraint and an authentic, refreshing oiliness from the Brazilian oranges. Can be enjoyed with tonic with a wheel of fresh orange or as the main component in a negroni.' - Neil Cammies, Western Mail.
  9. Penderyn Five Vodka 70cl

    Penderyn Five Vodka 70cl


    Winner of a Gold Award at the International Spirits Challenge 2017. Our Master Distiller, the late great Dr Jim Swan, would have been proud. He created this super premium Vodka with a distinct smoothness and a modern twist.

    Five times distilled for purity but with an increased amount of barley spirit from the Penderyn still to create a smoothness and complexity expected by connoisseurs, the new FIVE Vodka has a smooth, fruity twist. With its contemporary matte black finish and uncomplicated branding, FIVE Vodka looks truly stylish and elegant.

  10. Barti Ddu Pembrokeshire Seaweed Spiced Rum 70cl

    Barti Ddu Pembrokeshire Seaweed Spiced Rum 70cl


    The finest Caribbean rum blended expertly with vibrant vanilla, clove, cinnamon, orange and lemon before being infused with wild hand picked Pembrokeshire laver seaweed. The unami undertones of the seaweed soften it to make the rum superbly sippable without taking away from the punchy flavours!
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