Monkey 47 Gin

ABV 50%




Full Body

This unusual gin from the Black Forest in Germany is made with an incredible 47 botanicals, hence the name! ! Bottled at 47%, it’s rich and complex, hence the bucketfuls of critical acclaim. Predictably complex, this is a powerful gin with plenty of spice, fruit and herb flavours.

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The story of Monkey 47 begins in the 1940s, where Wing Commander Montgomery “Monty” Collins of the Royal Air Force was posted at the British sector of the then divided Berlin. Following the war Monty moved to an isolated valley in the Black Forest and begins following tradition of distilling the local fruit, following this then comes his passion and he starts developing his own gin. Monty combined the historic tradition of the Black Forest’s fruit liqueurs with his passion for gin. The gin was the trademark of the “The Wild Monkey”, a country guesthouse Monty opened in the Northern part of the Black Forest, which remained the trademark of “Wild Monkey” until the 1970s.

Well over a third of Monkey 47’s ingredients come from the Black Forest, Germany, where there are a total of 47 handpicked ingredients which are then prepared in their soft water spring within the Black Forrest. Amongst the botanicals are coriander, dog rose, elderflower, ginger, liquorice, rose hip, hibiscus, honeysuckle, jasmine, lavender, lemon balm to name just a few, as well as 6 different types of pepper.





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