Tamaya Chardonnay T Limited Release Limari Valley Chile, 2012

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This Chilean Chardonnay has a elegant lime and citrus nose, with pear, golden apple, tangerine zest and green olive hints, against a subtle and slightly creamy vanilla backdrop. Complex with a lovely floral and mineral chalk freshness. From the Limari Valley there is a lovely mouthfeel with a long, nicely taut finish of peaches and white flowers, with a light touch of honey and roasted hazelnuts.

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This is a premium Chardonnay with limited release from Chilean wine producer Vina Casa Tamaya . Picked from carefully selected vines in the Limari Valley this is a great example of a New World Chardonnay that is complex with lovely floral and mineral freshness. 2012 vintage this wine has evolved to have well-integrated oak notes while maintaining its freshness.

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Tamaya in the Diaguita dialect means high lookout, it is the name of the highest peak in the area and from there one can view the entire valley below.

Viña Tamaya is located in the Limarí Valley, just 400 kms north of Santiago, Chile and a mere 20kms  distant from the Pacific Ocean. Beneath luminous skies refreshed by soft breezes from the Pacific Ocean, the wondrously fertile Limarí Valley lies adjacent to the most arid desert in the world, The Atacama. The Limarí Valley is a unique and privileged land. Blessed with an exceptional climate in a land of virgin soils free from contamination, there, Viña Tamaya has succeeded in achieving a perfect equilibrium between the combination of its varietal grapes and the character of its land. It is this extraordinary balance of especially privileged characteristics which bestows unparalleled quality upon each of the varieties of our grapes which are then carefully harvested by hand. This is our secret of how we bring to life the very finest, most innovative wines produced in the North of Chile.


Our Wines

Our highest objective is to produce wines of the finest quality that reflect the natural characteristics of the Limarí Valley.

The constant search for quality is our number one guiding philosophy at Viña Tamaya. To achieve the absolute highest standards, we closely supervise each phase of production, from the growing of the grapes in our exceptional vineyards to the final bottling of our wines, working with only the finest ingredients to create and produce wines that make us proud. Our superbly well cared for vineyards at Tamaya date from 1997. In them, we consistently produce exceptional grapes; such as the white varieties, Chardonnay, Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc; as well as the red varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Carménère, Syrah and Sangiovese. Under the Tamaya trademark we produce several distinctive lines of the highest quality innovative wines: Estate, Goat, Reserva, Reserva Especial and our exclusive line – Winemaker’s Selection.





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