Thorn-Clarke Shotfire GSM & Chardonnay (Gift Boxed)

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Thorn-Clarke Shotfire GSM & Chardonnay Gift Set – The 1870s were a very special decade for our family tree and its roots in the Barossa. One side settled on the fruit farm that would nurture some of the region’s oldest vineyards along with six generations of viticulturists. The other side, meanwhile, discovered a different treasure buried in the bounteous Barossa soil: the region’s first gold mine.

Now, call it luck. Call it mere coincidence, if you wish but 100 years later, the two sides came together in a union that created our family, our winery and, some might say, our destiny: to produce wines worthy of gold.

1 x Thorn-Clarke, Shotfire, GSM, Barossa, Australia 2018

1 x Thorn-Clarke, Single Vineyard Selection, Chardonnay, Eden Valley, Australia 2018

1 x Wooden gift box and straw


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