Bodegas Marqués de Vizhoja, Torre La Moreira, Albarino, Rias Baixas, Spain 2021

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‘Charismatic wine with grapefruit blossom aromas, good textural interest and lemon sherbet on the zingy palate.’ – 95 Pts, Gold Winner, International Wine Challenge 2022

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‘Charismatic wine with grapefruit blossom aromas, good textural interest and lemon sherbet on the zingy palate.’ – 95 Pts, Gold Winner, International Wine Challenge 2022



Torre La Moreira is the purest Albariño wine from Bodegas Marqués de Vizhoja. We produce this Albariño wine from Rías Baixas, using our own grapes, which we select and collect by hand at our Finca La Moreira and other estates in the County of Tea. We only use Albariño grapes, which makes it 100% Rías Baixas. Torre La Moreira has a yellow-beige colour with greenish notes. Its aroma calls to mind apples, pears and aromatic herbs. It is intense and complex. It offers a sweet, frank, soft and fruity taste.


Goes with all sorts of food, especially shellfish, seafood, white meat and fine pasta.

The History of the Winery

The founder and his legacy.

The Bodegas were established in 1968 by Mr. Mariano Peláez. Nowadays, his sons, Javier and Jorger Peláez, continue the work of the man who had also been member of the Regulatory Council of D.O. Rías Baixas, and a firm defender of the professionalisation of the sector and the restoration of native grapes.

The birth of the term

Bodegas Marqués de Vizhoja was founded by our father in the year 1968. In those days, the Albariñ wine was barely known, and had not been introduced to market.

To find the origin, though, one would have to look further in the past. The history of our winery began in the back room of a tavern in the area of Bouzas (Vigo). It was at that corner shop that our grandparents gave birth to Mr Mariano’s Wine.

Its quality earned it a prize at a wine competition, the reward for which was the leaf from a vine. That is the origin of our brand. Our father decided to use the term “Vid” (vine) as an important element in the cultivation of wine, the leaf of a vine. The tradition of including terms of nobility in wine during the ‘60s inspired Mr Mariano Peláez to adopt the title of Marqués when he completed his wine.

That is how the idea of Marqués de Vidhoja arose… which went on to become the definitive “Marqués de Vizhoja” due to a printing error that changed the “d” to a “z”. The sonorous quality of the term inspired our father to adopt it as our current name.

It should be said that our father was a pioneer in matters of blending. The turbot has been included on the bottle since the early days, since the desire was for the turbots of the white wines to be linked to seafood and shellfish. In the old days, this symbol would be hung on the bottle on paper, but now it is a part of the bottle.

Finca la Moreira A place of privilege

Years later, in 1976, Mr Mariano decided to purchase the country house located at the Finca La Moreira. The climate, the mountains, and the proximity to the Miño River made it a privileged spot for cultivating grapes.

The house, in a defensive position, consists of a structure which dates back to the 18th century, and is built in the border region between Spain and Portugal. Its strategic position gave it its defensive purpose. Indeed, from the House one can see the entire valley.

lbariño: commitment and valuation

The commitment of our father to Galician wine is evident in its trajectory.

He was one of the first 14 professionals who promoted the creation of the Regulatory Council of D.O. Rías Baixas. His own colleagues called him the Gentleman of the Albariño. It was an acknowledgement of the staunch value of the Albariño wines, their vindication amongst other native grapes, and their role in their defence of the professionalisation of the sector.

Indeed, it was an acknowledgement of his vast professional trajectory, which made him a model to follow amongst the professionals in Galicia’s wine sector.

All that history, an entire life dedicated to the world of wine.


Mariano Peláez Lomana. Father of Bodegas Marqués de Vizhoja – our father.


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