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Bodegas Marques de Caceres was founded in 1970 by Enrique Forner, whose family left Spain at the time of the Civil War. Operating since 1970, this winery has family traditions dating back five generations. Vineyards producing red and white wine in La Rioja, Spain, their experience and expertise, combined with their obsession to be the very best, means they continue to produce quality fine wines that are enjoyed by many in over 120 countries around the world.

Combining influence from both Spanish and French Bordeaux winemaking, the processes and methods employed by Marques de Carceres are deep and complex, giving the wines a truly distinct character. The winery is a joint venture with many of the local growers who are also shareholders in the company. This ensures continuity in the sourcing of premium Tempranillo and Viura grapes in the regions of Rioja Alta and Rioja Alavesa.

Originally suppliers of their own brand of Rioja wine, the business has expanded into the developing world and have invested into innovation and technology to pioneer the production of many other wines. From Rueda and Rias Baixas wine to their new range of “EXCELLENS” wine, made only from the very best grapes from their beautiful vineyards.

A true heavyweight in the winemaking industry, Marques de Caceres’s Spanish wines are of world-renowned quality and come at affordable prices.


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The Bodegas and Vineyards

The business has its own Bodegas with accompanying vineyards where the finest grapes are grown, each with their own qualities suited to perfecting a variety of wines. Priding themselves on the methods they have mastered, as well as making use of the ideal conditions present in the encompassing environment, the vineyards are a place where the very best fruits are cultivated.

Bodega Rioja:

  • Based in Rioja Alta and Rioja Alavesa, with the winery located in the nearby town of Cenicero, vineyards here are operated by finely tuned technical teams who deploy their expertise to ensure the very best grapes are harvested, with precision care and management taking place all year round.
  • Many of the vines are decades old, with red Tempranillo and white Viura thriving in the conditions of the vineyards.
  • Strict calendars and processes developed over time mean the timeline of grape growth to bottled product is handled with precision.

Bodegas Rueda:

  • A major project involving the purchase of 125 hectares of vineyards in Serrada and La Seca, this land is home to the modern face of the business, with techniques and technology of today implemented to create unique wines with distinct qualities.
  • Variations of soil married with the environment make the processes of the vineyards a perfect mix of modern man-made solutions and nature’s own supplements.
  • Focusing on special whites, Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc and Deusa nai Albarino are trademarks of this location, with international acclaim already achieved in a relatively short space of time. This is testament to the ambitious leap taken by the business to continue to pioneer the industry.

All the vineyards at the multiple locations are creatively designed in a way that the very best grapes can be cultivated. The more traditional methods of the Rioja Bodega see centuries of successful methods continuing to lead the way and produce more familiar flavours of pure quality, while the modern techniques of the Rueda Bodega and vineyards bring the business in to the new world where their range of specialty whites lead the way for modern winemaking.


The wines

The vineyards of Marques de Caceres yield high quality red and white wine grapes, with each type containing its own distinct characteristics that make them perfect for a variation of wines.

The Rioja wine, a traditional signature of the winery, is a result of decades of vine growth and expert engineering of the grape’s structures. This means there is a range of Rioja wines available in this range, such as the Rosado, which has a pale strawberry colour and a fresh bouquet of floral notes, strawberries and raspberries.

Another stunning Rioja is the Ecologico, an unoaked,  organic ruby red wine with discreet tannins and a floral bouquet with notes of lively red berry fruits. There is a Rioja for every palate.

The newer “EXCELLENS” range of modern wines are distinct in flavour and a testament to the innovative techniques adopted by the winery. The Excellens 2020 Sauvignon Blanc forms a dry wine with ripe tropical flavours such as melon and citrus. It is a uniquely delightful wine, as is every wine in this range.

Whether it is the familiar flavours of an exquisitely made Rioja, or a modern full bodied twist on classic whites, Marques De Caceres’ range of wines are all perfectly balanced and speak to their years of experience in the industry.


The perfect accompaniment

All of the winery’s products can be enjoyed on their own, but enjoying a glass of wine with a meal is part of the overall experience for wine drinkers the world over.

The range of Rioja reds, with their sweet berry base and light tannins make them an indulgent match for meaty dishes or stews and pies, where an equal balance of strong flavours is key to a thoroughly enjoyable dining experience.

As for the range of white wines, these are the perfect summer drink and light accompaniment. Best enjoyed with grilled fish, salads and roasted white meat, these wines bring a more subtle match to simpler dishes with milder flavours.


Fine Wines Direct and Marques de Caceres

Fine Wines Direct UK brings a range of Marques de Caceres wines, from their old world red Riojas to their newer selections, each of high quality and within an affordable price range.

Sourcing wines from around the world from many specialty vineyards, Fine Wines Direct UK brings the very best to its customers. Our expert team in Cardiff have over 100 years of combined experience, so you are in very good hands. We are able to source wines from across the world that are not otherwise available in the UK. We have cultivated close working relationships with vineyard owners and wine producers so that we can bring you, the customer, only the best and most delicious wines.


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