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Shaken, not stirred! Vodka is loved the world over, not just by our favourite secret agent.

Vodka is the base ingredient of classic cocktails including the Bloody Mary, White Russian, Cosmopolitan and of course, the humble Vodka Martini. It is much loved by mixologists across the globe because of its versatility – you can mix vodka with almost anything.

In actual fact this spirit was historically made to drink neat across the world in countries such as Russia, Poland and Latvia. These countries are part of what is known and the ‘Vodka Belt’, which are countries that are both producers and consumers of the spirit. The oldest written reference to vodka is from a Polish manuscript in 1405 – and during World War II the production of vodka spread worldwide. You can now walk into any bar or restaurant and see vodka lining the shelves.

Enjoy a glass of vodka over a few cubes of ice, or mix it to make your favourite cocktail. We are proud to stock a selection of vodkas from distilleries across the UK. If this has tickled your fancy, you might want to take a look at our range of gin and whiskey. We offer speedy home delivery and a convenient click and collect service, so you can be sipping your favourite vodka in no time at all after placing your order online.

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How is vodka made?

Many people think vodka is made from potatoes, but that is not always the case. It can be distilled from almost anything that can be fermented to make alcohol. The most commonly used ingredients are potatoes, or cereal grains such as rye or barley.

After undergoing the fermentation process, this base ingredient will produce ethanol. This is then sieved out of the solid mixture which leaves pure liquid alcohol. Water is then added to the product, which will differ depending on the desired ABV. In the European Union, for a product to be classified as vodka it needs to be at least 37.5% – in the USA it’s higher at 40%.

Then comes the distillation process: which involves purifying the liquid by heating and vaporising it, then collecting the liquid as it recondenses. The liquid is then considered purer as it leaves behind many impurities when it evaporates. Vodka creators take many different approaches to distillation. Some distil it multiple times, others choose to add additional botanical ingredients to enhance the flavour.

Traditionally vodka is flavourless but many distilleries are now choosing to add other ingredients such as botanicals or spices after distillation, which helps their vodka achieve its own distinctive flavour.



What kind of Vodka does Fine Wines Direct UK offer?

As a proud Welsh company, we are happy to offer a variety of locally made vodkas from some of the most esteemed distilleries in the country. You can buy vodka from us online for home delivery, or in person at our shop in Cardiff.


Hensol Castle Crawshay Welsh Vodka

Hensol Castle is a world-class distillery producing some of the UK’s finest spirits including gin and of course, vodka. Their Crawshay Welsh Vodka is five times distilled over Welsh charcoal which gives it an incredible, unbeatable smooth texture. Soft and mellow when drunk on the rocks, it also more than enough character to be complemented by a variety of mixers.


Penderyn Five Vodka

Best known for its award-winning Welsh whiskies, Penderyn is a distillery nestled in the foothills of the Brecon Beacons. It also produces the outstanding Penderyn Five Vodka, winner of a Gold Award at the International Spirits Challenge 2017: a super premium vodka with a distinct smoothness and modern twist. Five times distilled for purity combining an increased amount of barley spirit from the Penderyn still, this is a smooth and complex vodka.



Delivery Options

In our busy modern lives, we want to get our bottles to you in the most convenient way possible. This is why we offer a variety of different delivery options to help you save both time and money.

  • Click and collect: If you live or work in South Wales, you’ll be glad to know that we offer a free collection service from our shop on Penarth Road in Cardiff. While you’re there, you can also chat to one of our friendly experts and you may discover more of what you love.
  • Fast home delivery: We offer a swift delivery service for all your vodka needs! Delivery from Fine Wines Direct UK is next day from dispatch in England, Wales and many parts of Scotland (for more information click here). We always aim to process each order and deliver to your door within 2-3 days of purchase.
  • Free delivery over £150: Stocking up for a big occasion? Or perhaps you’re expanding your collection? Not only do we have fantastic offers for bigger purchases, we also offer free delivery when you spend more than £150. Bargain!


Why buy from Fine Wines Direct UK?

Here at Fine Wines Direct UK we want to offer our customers the finest quality spirits and wine, which is what makes us the best place to buy vodka online for super speedy home delivery. We work hard to source incredible spirits, and work hard to build great relationships with distilleries so we can continue to offer exceptional drinks to everyone, no matter their taste or budget.

We supply fantastic spirits including vodka to some of the UK’s finest hospitality venues, including restaurants, bars and gastro pubs. You can have them delivered to your door at your convenience. Our wines and spirits make fantastic gifts, and you can have them sent directly to their address at work or at home. If you would prefer to chat to one of our experts in person, we would be happy to welcome you to our shop on Penarth Road in Cardiff.

These aren’t the only services we offer. We also supply wine for wedding receptions and other events, hold wine tastings among many others. Our team of experts have over a century of combined experience in the drinks industry, so you are in good hands when you choose to buy from Fine Wines Direct UK.

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