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As of 2021, Chardonnay was in the top five of the most widely planted grapes in the world. It is in fact the world’s most popular white wine – and for good reason!

France is Chardonnay’s ancestral home, where it was first grown in an area of Burgundy. It has now made its way across the world and is grown everywhere from Australia and New Zealand to the USA and Veneto, Italy.

Chardonnay wine is loved by producers because it adapts incredibly well to a variety of terroir and climate conditions. Despite this, it flourishes most in soils that contain high amounts of chalk, limestone and clay. These soil types are prevalent across Burgundy in France. Most of the time, Chardonnay grapes are used to produce 100% Chardonnay wine, but occasionally it is used for blends as well.

We are very proud to offer a selection of beautiful Chardonnay wines here at Fine Wines Direct UK, from some of the most prestigious producers in the world. All of our bottles are available to buy online, or if you are local to Cardiff you can visit us in person at our store on Penarth Road to pick up your next bottle. We offer free delivery on orders over £150 and you can save 10% when you order 12 or more bottles, so there’s truly no better place to buy your next bottle of fine Chardonnay wine.

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Unoaked vs oaked Chardonnay

You may have noticed one of these terms on bottles of Chardonnay you’ve picked up at your local shop, but what exactly does it mean? All Chardonnay wine made from these grapes have the potential to taste like apples, lemons or similar, depending on the region. The final wine will be based on the climate and the processes the grapes went through: whether they were oaked or unoaked.


Oaked Chardonnay is aged in oak barrels. As the Chardonnay spends the time in oak barrels, the barrels impart flavours such as vanilla, caramel or even butter. This is the result of a natural chemical fermentation occurring. Oaked Chardonnay is ideal for those who enjoy smooth, rich wine. Good quality oaked Chardonnay can usually be found in places such as southern or eastern California, Italy and Australia to name a few.


Unoaked Chardonnay is aged in steel or plastic tanks, as opposed to oak barrels. If you like Chardonnay to be drier and have more minerality, then an unoaked is a good choice for you. Unoaked Chardonnay is usually grown in slightly cooler climates such as Western Australia or Chile.

What kind of Chardonnay does Fine Wines Direct UK offer?

We are proud to offer an excellent selection of Chardonnay here at Fine Wines Direct UK. Here are just a few of our favourites at the moment.

Allan Scott Chardonnay, Marlborough, New Zealand 2019

Allan Scott’s vineyards are in stunning Cloudy Bay, created with the aim to produce the best presentation of New Zealand Chardonnay. This wine is luxurious, displaying typical mineral notes of the Wairau Valley. Enjoy aromas of stone fruit, pear and almond, followed by a scrumptious mouthfeel thanks to its time in oak. This wine is beautiful on its own, or can be enjoyed with seafood chowder or tuna steak.

Allan Scott Cecilia Rose Methode Traditionnelle NV New Zealand

This elegant sparkling wine is produced via the same methods as Champagne by award-winning producer Allan Scott. Crisp, off-dry and refreshing, the drinker can enjoy an array of wild summer fruits such as strawberries and raspberries. The delicate bubbles enhance the aromas, making this an ideal drink for balmy summer evenings. Try it on its own as a delicious aperitif or as a companion to summer desserts.

Thorn-Clarke, Single Vineyard Selection, Chardonnay, Eden Valley, Australia 2018

This Eden Valley Chardonnay is light straw in colour, and shows lifted fruit along with complex winemaking characters. On the nose you can expect white peach, grapefruit and smoky oak in the background. Take a sip and enjoy a refined palate, abundant with stone fruit and pear flavours.

Franschhoek Cellar ‘Our Town Hall’ Unwooded Chardonnay Western Cape, South Africa 2021

A South African Chardonnay that’s pale gold with a youthful green tinge. There is delightful pineapple, lemon and lime fruit both on the palate and the nose. Enjoy a lively balancing acidity that leaves a fresh finish. This Chardonnay is delicious with chicken, calamari or roast pork.

Why buy from Fine Wines Direct UK?

We are proud to offer one of the widest selections of wine in the UK – in fact, many of the wines we have for sale are not available anywhere else in the country. Not only do we have a beautiful array of Chardonnay white wines available to buy online, we also have wine from across the Old and New World, from Uruguay to Italy and everywhere in between.

We offer a treasure trove of wine so that there is something for every palate and budget: we believe everyone deserves to drink delicious wine no matter their tastes. The expert team behind Fine Wines Direct UK have more than a century’s worth of experience in the drinks trade, so you’re in safe hands when you choose to buy from us.

Feel free to browse our selection of delicious Chardonnay and buy online, or alternatively if you would like some advice, one of our friendly experts would be happy to help. Contact us here. If you like Chardonnay, you may also be interested in our selections of Pinot Grigio and Riesling.

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