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Chin chin! Pinot Grigio grapes are versatile and can make a whole host of wine styles and types, depending on the winemaking technique and where they are grown.

The grapes are greyish-purple in colour and are in fact a mutation of the red grape we all know and love – Pinot Noir. Pinot Grigio wines vary significantly in taste – lots of the time they are dry but can also veer towards the fruity end of the spectrum be richer and riper in style, and sometimes slightly sweet. Originating in Burgundy in France, Pinot Grigio production today is mostly based in northern Italy and the Alsace region of France. High quality Pinot Grigios can also be found in Germany, New Zealand and California to name a few places.

We are very pleased to offer a fabulous selection of Pinot Grigio wine here at Fine Wines Direct UK. All of our wines are available to buy online for quick and convenient home delivery, they also can be bought in person in our shop in Cardiff, South Wales. We offer free delivery on orders over £150 and you can save 10% when you order 12 or more bottles, so there’s truly no better place to buy your next bottle of Pinot Grigio.

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More about Pinot Grigio

There’s a lot to explore about Pinot Grigio.

The difference between Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris

Many people think they are exactly the same, which in theory they are. Although both are made from the same grape, these terms describe two different flavour profiles: the Italian Pinot Grigio and the French Pinot Gris. Pinot Grigio wines are crisp and light-bodied, often with stone fruit flavours and floral aromas. Pinot Gris are usually richer and spicier and are more likely to be cellared and aged.

How to serve Pinot Grigio

You’ve treated yourself to a delicious bottle, and now you want to know how best to enjoy it. Like many other white wines, it is best enjoyed while it is still young, so within around two years of the vintage. Pair it with lighter dishes such as seafood or chicken, and enjoy it in the warm summer months to really make the most out of the refreshing taste. Take it out of the fridge between half an hour and an hour before serving time to enjoy the perfect temperature!

How Pinot Grigio compares to other white wines

Sauvignon Blanc: Sauvignon Blanc is more crisp, more acidic and lighter-bodied in general. See our selection here.

Chardonnay: Chardonnay is hands down the most popular white wine in the world. It is much heavier and less acidic than Pinot Grigio, and usually has a rich, vanilla-like profile often with hints of oak. Take a look at the Chardonnay wines we have available here.

What kind of Pinot Grigio does Fine Wines Direct UK offer?


We have procured an excellent selection of Pinot Grigio for our wonderful customers to enjoy. Here are a few of our current favourites.

Thorn-Clarke, Varietal Collection, Pinot Gris, Eden Valley, Australia 2020

This delightful Pinot Grigio from Thorn-Clarke is pale straw in colour with stunning green hues. On the nose you can expect a beautiful bouquet of nashi pear, rose petals and elderflower. Take a sip and enjoy a palate with zesty notes of finger lime and grapefruit, harmonised with sweeter notes of white nectarine.

Botter Pinot Grigio, Delle Venezie DOC, Italy 2020 ORGANIC

The Pinot Grigio from Botter has a large and fresh bouquet with apple notes. On the palate, the drinker can enjoy a clean and fresh mineral taste. Our experts recommend this wine as an aperitif on its own, or to be enjoyed with any fish courses.

Allan Scott Pinot Gris Marlborough New Zealand 2021

Allan Scott Family Winemakers presents this delicious Pinot Gris. It has had a short spell of skin to skin contact which allows for flavour enhancement, and is very pink in colour with an orange hue. This lovely wine has aromas of ripe melon, citrus and stone fruit, an interesting mouthfeel and a fresh finish. Slightly off dry and makes for very easy drinking, try this wine with savoury or spicy dishes or simply enjoy on its own.

Scott Base, Terra Nova, Pinot Gris, Marlborough 2021

This stunning Pinot Gris from Scott Bases has had a short spell of skin to skin contact to enhance colour and flavour. This is quite simply a delicately luscious wine with pear apple and subtle floral and honeysuckle flavours. A smooth-textured wine, our experts recommend drinking it on its own to really enjoy it.

Why buy from Fine Wines Direct UK?

The question is – why not? Fine Wines Direct UK sits head and shoulders above other wine merchants in the country. We offer an incredible cornucopia of wine, not just Chardonnay but everything from Malbec to Merlot, Shiraz to Sauvignon Blanc and everything in between.

In fact, many of the wines we have available cannot be found anywhere else in the UK. Over the years we have built up excellent long standing working relationships with producers and vineyard owners in order to offer our loyal customers only the best. Our team of experts have over 100 years of combined experience, so it’s safe to say that you are in good hands when you choose to buy from Fine Wines Direct UK.

Feel free to browse our selection of delicious Pinot Grigios in our online shop, or alternatively if you would like some advice, one of our friendly experts would be happy to help. Contact us here.

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