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The UK is experiencing a real love affair with gin. Once a spirit associated with the older generation, gin has become increasingly popular with other generations and craft gin can be found on the menu in bars, restaurants and clubs across the country.

Hensol Castle boasts a gin distillery, visitor centre, gin school and bottling plant, all situated in the stunning grounds of Grade I listed Hensol Castle. A place full of heritage and history, it provides the inspiration for many of the spirits that the distillery has created. Dating back to the early 1400s, the castle is a beautiful, historic location and its cellars house the distillery and bottling plant. The visitor centre offers unique experiences for those looking to learn more about the history and production of this versatile spirit.

A family run business, HCD prides itself on family values putting its customers first. They create delicious spirits and promote passion, integrity, respect for the environment and responsible drinking.

We are incredibly proud to offer our customers a wide variety of gin and gin liqueurs from Hensol Castle Distillery. We also have a collection of other top level spirits available including whiskey, rum and vodka.


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How is gin made?

 There are so many types of gin on offer now that it’s all become a bit confusing. We all enjoy a classic gin and tonic but how exactly is this popular spirit made? There are in fact quite strict laws about how gin is made, what it’s made of and what it tastes like.

The current definition of gin (in EU countries) is as follows:

  • Neutral spirit: Gin must be distilled from a natural ingredient such as wheat, barley or potatoes.
  • Juniper: The predominant flavour in the bottle must be juniper, or else it can’t be defined as gin. Juniper and other botanicals are what creates the flavour of each gin.
  • ABV: There must be at least 37.5% of pure alcohol in the total volume of liquid in each gin bottle.


So what are gin liqueurs and how are they different?

Just as delicious, gin liqueurs are made differently from traditional gin. A gin liqueur will have a high concentration of added sugar, which means it has a sweeter taste and more syrupy texture. Juniper does not have to be its main flavour and it will usually have an ABV of 20 to 30%. They also crucially do not have to be produced according to the legal definition of gin.


What does Hensol Castle gin taste like and what is the best garnish to use?

Hensol Castle has a delicious offering of traditional and flavoured gins and gin liqueurs suitable for every palate, occasion and cocktail.

  • Hensol Castle Welsh Dry Gin: A solid classic, Hensol Castle Gin is a traditional, copper pot distilled London dry gin and the crown jewel of the distillery. It’s led by juniper with a medley of wildflowers and hand-peeled citrus. To enjoy this gin at its best, add lots of ice to your glass, top with excellent tonic and garnish with a slice of lime. For extra zing, squeeze the lime over the glass to release the aromatic oils and enjoy!
  • Hensol Castle Wild Strawberry and Hibiscus Gin: Another beautiful copper pot distilled gin. Hensol Castle infuses their London dry gin with natural wild strawberry and hibiscus flavours that results in a gin that’s fresh, sweet and full of flavour. To enjoy this gin to its fullest, try it with Mediterranean tonic water and garnish with half a fresh strawberry – delicious.
  • Hensol Castle Wild Blood Orange Gin: Hensol Castle infuses their traditional London dry gin with a stunning hand peeled blood orange zest distillate. To really bring out the flavour in this gin, try pairing it with Indian tonic water or perhaps ginger ale or lemonade.
  • Crawshay Sweet Violet Gin Liqueur: This stunning gin liqueur will leave you with the taste and smell of warm summer days. A blend of 15 botanicals infused with sweet violets, it has a perfect off-dry elegance in the mouth. To truly enjoy this liqueur might we suggest a Violette Royale – mix 25ml with 15ml of cassis, and top with Prosecco. For a little extra, garnish with a skewer of blackberries.


The growing popularity of Welsh gin distilleries

The rugged country of Wales is proving itself a master in the world of gin. In 2012 there was just one distillery in the whole country – Penderyn. A decade on and multiple award-winning distilleries have made their mark on the industry, including Hensol Castle, Aber Falls and Snowdonia Spirit Co.

Boasting sweeping coastlines, wild mountains and beautiful countryside provides inspiration for these distilleries, and plenty of land to forage from. It’s no wonder that there’s now over 30 distilleries in the relatively small country. No one can accuse Welsh gins of being bland, from seaweed botanicals to marmalade flavours, Wales has created a huge range of premium gins to choose from.


Why buy from Fine Wines Direct UK?

We are so proud to offer the finest wines and spirits to our loyal customers. We work incredibly hard to form strong working relationships with distillery owners and wine producers in order to source the best quality beverages money can buy.

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