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Bottoms up! There’s nothing quite like popping a bottle of Prosecco open when you have something to celebrate.

The sparkling wine market is dominated by Champagne, but prosecco has proved itself as a fierce competitor and is now enjoyed the world over.

Prosecco is a delicious Italian wine, named after the village of Prosecco in the province of Trieste. As with Champagne in France, it can only be made in a specific region in Italy. You can buy sparkling wines made across the world, but only the ones made there can be labelled as ‘Prosecco’, so there is no such thing as French Prosecco!

It is predominantly made from the Glera grape, but can be made of up to 15% of other varieties. Since 2020, the DOC has allowed the production of rose Prosecco, which is Glera blended with Pinot Noir which is what gives it its pink hue. Prosecco is a wine best drunk when it is young, for that reason you won’t see many vintage Prosecco bottles in your local supermarket.

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We offer an excellent selection of Prosecco wines here at Fine Wines Direct UK. We work incredibly hard to build strong relationships with producers and vineyard owners in order to offer you, the customer, the finest wines on the market.

We have our own warehouse and transport fleet which enables us to keep delivery costs low and times fast. You can enjoy our wines in many of the country’s top restaurants, pop into the shop in Cardiff, or have your Prosecco delivered to your home directly. A bottle of prosecco is the ideal gift for someone with something to celebrate, as a treat at a dinner party, or almost any other occasion. Get your next bottle of prosecco from us to enjoy at your leisure.


What is Prosecco?

Prosecco DOC can be divided into three different categories. The grapes used are predominantly Glera, a white grape variety that has been grown in Italy since Roman times. If you prefer your Prosecco dry, then you need to look for Brut, Extra Brut or now Brut Nature. If you prefer a sweeter Prosecco, look for ‘Demi-Sec’ on the label.

  • Spumante: This is arguably the most famous and widespread of Prosecco, with fine and persistent bubbles. It typically has a yellow straw colour, and typical notes include apple, rose and banana.
  • Frizzante: This type has lighter and less persistent bubbles than its Spumante counterpart. It has a lower alcohol content and clear bubble development. Frizzante wines often evoke scents of wisteria and lemon.
  • Tranquillo: Tranquillo has no bubbles – and is often a slightly deeper colour than the sparkling versions.


How is prosecco made?

September is an important month of the year for Prosecco producers. The first half of the month is the best time for maintaining the organoleptic characteristics, for example the acids, sugars and aromatic qualities. They will have reached maturity at this point and be ready for producing top quality Prosecco.

Once these best quality grapes have been harvested, white wine can be produced, transforming the sugars into carbon dioxide and alcohol. Then, fermentation lasts for between 15 and 20 days at a maximum temperature of 18C to preserve delicate flavours and aromas.

Tranquillo is bottled first, while Frizzante and Spumante require a second natural fermentation. This second fermentation happens in large pressure chambers called autoclaves and is where the wine acquires the bubbles.

Towards the end of the process of producing this sparkling wine, the temperature is reduced in order to end the fermentation. This results in a residual sugar content that gives the wine a balanced flavour.


What Prosecco can I buy from Fine Wines Direct UK?

We offer a variety of delightful Prosecco wines here at Fine Wines Direct UK, so that there is something for everyone. Here is just a few:

Barocco, Prosecco DOC, Rose, Extra Dry, Italy

This is a beautiful and delicate sparkling pink Prosecco.  Very fragrant with summer fruit aromas, it is dry, crisp and easy to drink. It is delightful on its own as an aperitif but also pairs wonderfully with fish soups and grilled fish.

Borgo Alato Prosecco Extra Dry Spumante Italy

This Prosecco boasts a pale light yellow colour, and a complex and delicate bouquet. The drinker can enjoy fruity notes of peach and green apple, with secondary notes of acacia and lilac. It is fresh and light on the palate with balanced acidity, a real delight to drink. It is ideal as an aperitif but works wonderfully with dishes such as sushi or shellfish.

ERA Organic Prosecco DOC

This organic Prosecco is a delightful drink that is light and fresh, and the drinker will enjoy notes of citrus, white peach and pear. Try this prosecco on its own or pair with shellfish or creamy pasta dishes .


Why buy from Fine Wines Direct UK?

There’s so many reasons to get Prosecco delivered to your door by us. The expert team at Fine Wines Direct UK have over a century of combined experience in the wine industry, so you are in good hands when you come to us for your next tipple. Our team works very hard to source only the best quality wines from some of the finest vineyards and wine producing areas in the world. We work closely with vineyard owners to create long standing working relationships in order to seek out excellent quality wines of all varieties.

Order Prosecco online for home delivery, or if you prefer you can pop into our shop in Cardiff, South Wales to chat to one of our friendly experts. They can help you pick out your next bottle of sparkling wine, be that prosecco, champagne or cava. It can be tough to make a decision when we offer such a vast selection, which is why we offer mixed cases where our wine experts curate the perfect range to suit your tastes. If you join our Cellar Wine Club you can access exclusive discounts such as savings of at least 10% on every case and early-bird offers on new wines.

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