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Discover delicious wines for all occasions with our rose wine cases. If you buy wine in cases you know you will never run out when you’re hosting a dinner party or business meeting. Plus, when you order a mixed rose wine case of 12 bottles you get the very best discounts and speedy delivery.

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Rose wine is for more than just summertime drinking; there’s a rose wine for every taste and occasion. Every wine lover can enjoy a glass or two of rose, from the casual drinker to the connoisseur. Historically, the wine’s home has been Provence where it is known for being dry and delicate. It is now produced across the world and found on every supermarket’s shelves.

We offer rose wines from around the world from France to Spain and New Zealand. Try cases of rose wine including wines from world-renowned producers such as Marques De Caceres and Allan Scott.

Each and every one of our cases of rose wine have been expertly selected by our team so that you can enjoy only the finest wines at your leisure. We include both popular best sellers such as cases of Whispering Angel, the talk of Provence and the wine world at large. We also have on offer cases of rare, boutique wines and everything in between.


Our picks from around the world

 We offer a delicious mix of rose wines from the finest wine growing regions including Provence, Rioja and Marlborough. Take your pick from fresh, floral roses to or medium dry roses boasting with notes of ample, ripe fruit. Rose wines are beautiful on their own or paired with summer dishes such as salads and grills.

Mixed cases of rose wine are ideal for those households where you have varying tastes in wine, or you regularly host guests at dinner parties or summer barbecues and want to have a selection readily available. Why not try a case of rose champagne the next time you host a special occasion such as Christmas or New Year? It gives you and your guests a variety of delectable options and caters for every taste. Try a mixed case of red or white as well as rose and you will have everyone’s needs covered.


How many bottles are in a case of wine?

 We want you to be able to purchase the amount of wine that you need. In the UK the standard size of a wine bottle is 750ml, and a case has 12 bottles. That means you get a total of nine litres of wine in a single case.

We offer an excellent selection of everyday, table wines to the more special, rarer wines in mixed sixes or twelves. We deliver exactly what you want, when and where you want it for the ultimate convenience. Our customers include gastro pubs, hotels, restaurants, caterers, private individuals, and other businesses so you’re in good company.


Why should I order a case?

 There are so many benefits to buying wine by the case, the initial benefit being that it’s great value! If you are looking to start a collection of rare or vintage wines, Fine Wines Direct UK offers storage for fine and rare wines.

In these busy modern lives we lead, having wine delivered to your doorstep in a hassle-free manner is incredibly appealing. Time-saving and effortless, there will be no more lugging bottles of wine to your car or heaving the heavy boxes back out of the boot. For the eco-conscious, bulk ordering wine cases online also reduces the carbon footprint. It’s a win-win!

Buying wine by the case is also much better for your carbon footprint as well as your wallet as you are reducing the amount of times you are going back and forth to the shop to get more wine. A case of wine is also a fantastic present for a loved one, and if you know they love rose wine then a case is the perfect gift for someone who’s hard to buy for.

If you, your friends and family love exploring different wines from around the world then buying by the case is an excellent way to do this. It means that there is something for everyone next time you host a dinner party or other special occasion, such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Buying in bulk is the smart choice for businesses too, you can keep your guests happy with a whole host of wine from our online shop. If you’re not sure what your guests might like, try our mixed red or mixed white cases to make sure you have all bases covered.


Why buy from Fine Wines Direct UK?

There’s no reason not to try our cases of wine for home delivery. Tempt your tastebuds with both New and Old World wines chosen by our expert team; we have curated each case so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy stunning wines from across the globe. You can stick with your old favourites or go ahead and try something new.

We work hard to cultivate an excellent range of wines suitable for every budget and taste. You can enjoy our wines in many of the country’s top restaurants, pop into the shop in Cardiff, or have your wines delivered to you directly. If you’re feeling generous, our mixed cases make excellent gifts and you can have them delivered to friends, family and colleagues across the UK.

If you like our choice of mixed rose wine cases then browse our other combinations such as mixed red or mixed white.


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