When Wine Worlds Collide: Sitt Tasting

SITT Tasting Event

Wine at our SITT Tasting Event

When wine worlds collide

Part of our work here at Fine Wine Direct UK is to promote our exclusive range of wines that we import directly into the country.

They have been carefully selected by Nigel, Greg and Bastien and represent the typicity of the wine regions that they hail from.

Our SITT Wine Tasting Events

The Specialist Importers Trade Tastings (SITT) give us the opportunity to expose our wines to other merchants, restaurants and traders that wouldn’t ordinarily get access to taste the wines other than ‘out in the wild’.

London and Manchester were the destinations for our adventure, with both SITT tasting events well-attended with a variety of interested prospective customers.

A really enjoyable aspect for me personally, is seeing the younger generation showing boundless enthusiasm and interest in the produce on show – blimey, I sound like a right dinosaur.

Some were saying it was their first wine tasting and, as such, it was our job to make it as fun and as interesting as possible, not too much of a struggle to be honest.

The inquisitive minds of youth are what will drive forward the wine industry on both sides of the counter as they are not burdened with preconceptions and have the benefit of a spectacularly broad selection of wines to choose from in the UK market.

Luckily, we were able to offer a range of 25 different wines from our exclusive collaborations, which gave them a real insight into the various styles – and price points – which they can carry with them on their continuing, and wonderful journey, in this lovely world of wine.

Time spent with the future ‘lovers’ of wine is time well spent, especially if you can ignite the passion within them.

It was also very interesting to see the proliferation of a range of wines from eastern Europe vying for a foothold in the UK market.

It is something we at Fine Wines Direct UK are looking at, with a collaboration with a Kosovan winery Stonecastle on the cards in the very near future. So, watch this space.


Neil Cammies

Former columnist for the Western Mail and is now working for Fine Wines Direct UK, hosting tastings, building client relationships and writing about his experiences in the wine trade.

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