Our greens and pleasant land

  Last week Fine Wines Direct UK hosted a golf day at the fabulous Vale Resort, Hensol, on the Wales National course in the glorious September sunshine. As is fitting for all ‘athletic’ events the day started with a hefty bacon roll and a cuppa. After registration with senior club pro Keith, the guests were …

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Stand and Deliver

When you put your order in, whether it’s over the phone or via that there interweb thing, do you ever wonder of how the wine, beer, and other paraphernalia gets to you? The process is swift, methodical, and surgical-like in its precision. The order is printed out and then handed to the bonded warehouse where …

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Our personal guide to Rioja

We have put together our own personal guide to Rioja wine – enjoy! Rioja (Ree-ock-a) has deservedly the greatest reputation of all Spanish wines. It is not so long ago that the British consumer was offered little more than Spanish Burgundy, Spanish Chablis and Spanish Champagne. Since the restoration of the monarchy and Spain’s joining …

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