Malidain, Sauvignon,Val de Loire, France 2022

ABV 12.0%




Full Body

Appearance: Slightly gold and brilliant

Nose: Citrus fruits (orange zest and preserved lemon), floral notes (broom)

Palate: Smooth, rich, very persistent notes of orange zest

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Appearance: Slightly gold and brilliant

Nose: Citrus fruits (orange zest and preserved lemon), floral notes (broom)

Palate: Smooth, rich, very persistent notes of orange zest

Pairing suggestions: As an aperitif, or with guacamole, assorted shellfish, charcuterie, Perigourdian platter (smoked duck magrets and gizzards), spicy cod fritters, carpaccio of scallops with citrus, smoked trout, seafood quiche, Alsatian-style sauerkraut, or goat’s cheese.

Grape variety: 100% Sauvignon

Age of vines: 10 years old

Ageing potential: 2 to 3 years


In the midst of the Vendée Wars, which were being waged in the fields alongside the river Logne, a group of Royalist soldiers decided to take advantage of the local people’s welcome to stop and enjoy a meal of roast beef. They were slicing it and about to share it when, suddenly, they were warned that Republican troops were approaching. With regret, they had to leave about half of their feast behind in order to disperse themselves in the surrounding countryside.

This unintentional gift to the enemy of a ‘demi-boeuf’ or half a beef is behind the name of our vineyard’s location and some of our wines.



Marcel Malidain started the farm in 1954 with four hectares of vines, various other crops and some cattle for breeding. In 1974, his son Michel joined him and decided to focus exclusively on winegrowing.



In 2006, Romain Malidain took over the business after completing a diploma in viticulture and oenology, followed by a year studying business and marketing and a range of experiences abroad and in France.


His brother Freddy joined the team in 2018, followed by their uncle Christophe, who had worked at the estate 20 years earlier.

Forming a trio has been a positive step forward for the vineyard. Each of the three partners has a clearly defined role in order to:

  • Ensure constant quality in the vineyard and the wines,
    • Maintain and develop customer relations, both at the winery and with domestic and international trade clients.
    • Promote the vineyard and its wines at home and abroad.



Our 33-hectare vineyard in La Limouzinière has brown soil over amphibolite greenstone bedrock, which is average in terms of earliness.
In terms of varieties and appellations, the vineyard is divided as follows:
• AOP Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu: 11 hectares of the Melon grape variety
• IGP Val de Loire and Vins de France: 22 hectares of Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Grolleau Noir, Cabernet Franc, Merlot Noir, Pinot Noir, Viognier and Muscat.

The 2018 vintage of our Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu sur lie “Clos de la Clémencière” will be the last that we will market. Indeed, we decided to transfer this plot of 11 hectares of vineyards.

A strategic choice that will not only give us a more suitable surface for our work in vines, but also allows us to change course.

A project that has been an important issue to us for a few years: our domaine is being converted to organic farming. This conversion will take place in 3 stages. This year it concerns our Muscadet.




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